With close to 200 pieces of CNC equipment and support machines, Stanley Machining is uniquely positioned to provide complete machining solutions for every market of the energy and power industries. From petroleum to nuclear, alternative to gas, we are vastly equipped to machine small to large format castings and forgings of nearly every type of material from stainless steel to inconel.

For over 35 years Stanley Machining has evolved into the leading source of machined energy and power components. Our unparalleled processes and diverse services include:

oil field riser
seal ring
oil field pump
oil component
inconel oil field adaptor
incolnel oil field connector
base plate
wellhead connector
gearbox housing
torque arm 1
torque arm

Energy and Power

  • Vertical Turning up to 110" dia

  • Horizontal Turning up to 48" dia

  • In House Level III NDT

  • 5 CMM's including 2 Delta Slants with max travel of 118" x 200" x 98"

  • Cladding

  • Gun Drilling

  • Deep Hole Drilling

  • Subsea and Surface

  • Hydraulic and Horizontal Fracking