Aerospace & Defense

Keeping the modern warfighter supplied is a tough job. We know what it takes to meet their demands and are honored to play a part in supporting their needs.

Confidence begins with
Quality & Security

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Certified Quality Management System
Compliant and Registered
Level 2 Ready

We don't take anything for granted


Over 50 years directly supporting the US Government and Primes on critical defense applications


Legacy program partnership and developmental support for emerging technologies


Simple to complex machining and assembly with in-house prime, paint, and CARC finishing


Support for multi-program full rate production demands

Heavy Equipment

When hard work relies on heavy equipment, reliability and safety are paramount. Stanley makes parts you can depend on so your customers can focus on the job at hand.

Big Jobs call for Big Tools

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Certified Quality Management System
Solution Provider
Capable and Experienced


Drilling and pumping have to be done right - every time. Stanley understands the challenges energy OEMs face every day. We're here to ensure your solutions enter the field on-time and with complete confidence.

Efficiency & Safety
Subsurface & Subsea

Fluid Ends
Wellhead Systems
BOP Stacks
Industry leading fluid end production starts here. Over 200 CNC machines coupled with 50+ years of machining excellence help you get to market and onto trucks.

Our unique capabilities and capacity allow partners to ease sourcing strains by providing turnkey solutions capable of scaling to demand.


Strategic partnerships allow our customers to do what they do best, and leave the rest to us. Stanley can provide unmatched precision manufacturing that allows companies driving innovation in a wide range of fields to put their work in the hands of those that need it most.